Last Will and Testament

Last Will (Last Will and Testament)

Using the Australian Will Kit, you will be creating what is known as your Last Will or Last Will and Testament.

Writing your Last Will is good preparation of your affairs. It may seem daunting and beyond your abilities, but you will most likely find it is not as hard as you think. The Australian Will Kit is a very good product used by literally hundreds of thousands of Australians.

Writing your Last Will and Testament

Day in day out, we constantly hear from people whose loved ones did not write a Last Will. It can be very traumatic and very frustrating if you do not leave a Last Will or do not tell anyone where your Last Will is located. Family members need the information to help them. Even if you have very little to leave behind, you should still write a Last Will. It saves confusion and lets everyone know exactly what your intentions are. All the instructions are in the Australian Will Kit and it is easy to understand. Don’t wait until it’s too late, be prepared for the sake of your family and your own peace of mind.

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